Young Gun Millennials

WinSome LoseSome GainSome FindSome

Who do you want to be ?

What do you want to be?

“Careers advice you get at school is no different than 30years ago, we need to point people into the right direction”

– Mike Hosking – Seven Sharp & NewsTalkZB Host

Millennials + WinSome Crew

We are the catalyst to you or another’s

life, career or self transition

identifying and fulfilling the importance of

  • A guide, mentor, motivator, supporter
  • Current skills, strengths
  • Insight to various careers
  • Strategic career path
  • Good understanding of your character traits and skills
  • System / Visulisation – new and improved to goal setting
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Trigger engagement
  • Hands on real life glimpse of jobs through our shadowing network
  • The big wide world
  • Opportunities – grasping the moment
  • And have a blast while doing so!

Come Kick It 


 More than ever there is a surging demand for guiding Millennials to navigate and map a bright fulfilled future.

Forego the expensy $60k+ loan or time wasted ‘bumming round’

& seek opportunities down the track before doing so.

We create a paradigm that works for each client, focussing on personality analysis to have greater vision of the successful self and environments to consider pursuing.

Each session entirely depends on where it takes us as we guide this self development and exploration process.


We welcome those who may need a rev up or zap of inspiration to get thinking of their future successful selves.

No matter your life stage.

Enhancing the present moment and pursuing the future with guns blazing.

Hit us up!

 ‘While you were building your bank balance, I was building a life’

Max Delore

Embark on adventure to make the unknown, known.

Build a life to build a resume. NOW.

“Man I wish I had something like that when I was getting out of my lost hole. The support and self confidence that you give would have been great to have at that time.” – Brett

“I could have saved 15 years of figuring stuff out had I spent time in my early stages.” – Amanda

WinSome LoseSome GainSome FindSome

WinSome LoseSome GainSome FindSome