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Steve Fossett        1944 – 2007

– Billionaire Bizman & The Worlds Greatest Adventurer

‘Go confidently into the direction of your dreams. Live life the way you always imagined’

Steve Fossett

Victoria Esson

– New Zealand Soccer Rep & Olympian

‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’

victoria esson


Grandad Des 

– WinSome Consults Inspiree

‘When men in his battalion would fall, he would wait until the medic arrived’

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Wendy Delore

– Breast Cancer Survivor

‘A moment of bliss becomes exciting, when it comes from a moment of darkness’

Wendy DeloreWendy Delore


Julian Robertson

– Hedge Fund Pioneer Investor, Philanthropist

“If I had started younger I wouldn’t have anything left to give”



Sam Morgan

– Founder of

‘With a desire to learn you can become an expert really quickly’



Warren Buffett

– Worlds most successful investor. Philanthropist.

‘Take the job you would take if you were independently wealthy’

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Bill Gates

– Founder of Microsoft

‘Have energy, have skills that are highly employable’



Sam Ovens

– Broke Uni drop out to Entrepreneur Kiwi Millionaire

‘Use the skills you already have’

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Emma Tutty 

– Behavioural Psychology

‘When things don’t go right, go left’



Katie Smith

– Surgery Queen, IBD & Crohn’s Disease

‘When life throws you lemons, drink tequila’

Katie Smith ENDURE Read more

And more rockstars coming soon!

 WinSome LoseSome GainSome FindSome

WinSome LoseSome GainSome FindSome