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100 Miles Rowing Lake Powell Arizona – Glen Canyon USA

“Abbey Delore is a kiwi on a mission. The New Zealand native is going to attempt to row the length of Lake Powell, starting at Halls Crossing and ending at Antelope Marina. Delore is embarking on this gruelling task to raise awareness for her friend, and Page resident, Katie Smith who has been battling IBD, Ulcerated Colitis, and Crohn’s Disease.

Delore, in conjunction with Girls With Guts, a women’s non-profit organization, will attempt the 100 mile ENDURE row the second weekend in May 2016.”

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The ENDURE Row was a great challenge in an amazing majestic location – Glen Canyon Arizona / Utah. Raising awareness of IBD & Crohn’s Disease alongside Girls With Guts the biggest IBD organisation in USA for women. Having cared for Katie Smith for seven surgeries over 6months I was invested in her ENDURE journey back to full health. As a team we raised NZ$15k towards Katie’s health recovery and had a blast sharing the adventure of rowing, friendship, physical and mental determination.



Endure row  ENDURE Row


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 Rowing featured on News Hub – TV3 News reported by David Di Somma 

Big thanks for the support and sponsors it was a blast!!

The team and I can’t wait to carry on the ENDURE Row adventure


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