WinSome Consulting  ENDURE Row – Cook Strait 

Proposed March 2019 for solo crossing of Cook Strait. Goal is to do the fastest one way crossing from South to North Island and challenge to return completing first double crossing.

‘The Cook Strait is an infamous stretch of water, and not to be underestimated. Not only is it a narrow channel, but the positioning of New Zealand’s North and South Islands in the Pacific Ocean happens to be such that tidal streams, tidal flow, swells and wind are unbelievably treacherous.’



  • All land based training Lincoln University Recreation Centre with Ways of Wellness and Personal Trainer Manager – Jayne Smith
  • Boat supported and supplied by New Zealand Coastal Rowing Organisation NZCRA

Crossing Cook Strait X2, alongside initiating a conversation of mind control around mental and physical health. Removing any stigma to listen to your personal ‘lightbulbs’ and body whispers to take action and gain traction.

Contributors from various community members including, NZL sporting athletes, business leaders, educators, body and nutrition, health related survivors, battlers + MORE.


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