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ENDURE Flight 

Soaring the length of New Zealand

Nov/Dev 2017 (weather depending)

Terry Delore

Gliding World Record Breaker and Holder – Terry Delore will be soaring the length of New Zealand taking Bluff Oysters to the Northern most point Cape Rienga. With daughter Abbey Delore as Co-Pilot they will deliver the World Famous Oysters to the Northern most Maori Iwi tribe on completion of the epic flight.

ENDURE Paddle / Row

Across Cooks Straight

When prevailing weather allows, Abbey will paddle across the treacherous stretch of water between New Zealand’s major Islands, Cooks Straight.

“The Cook Strait is an infamous stretch of water, and not to be underestimated. Not only is it a narrow channel, but the positioning of New Zealand’s North and South Islands in the Pacific Ocean happens to be such that tidal streams, tidal flow, swells and wind are unbelievably treacherous.”

If completed Abbey will be the third person to cross Cooks Straight on a Stand up Paddle Board and first to row across on a paddle board.

UPDATE: Planned for late 2018 due to hip surgery

ChartNZ463CookStraitCroppedMedium Cooks Straight Crossing


ENDURE Row – NZ Great Lakes 

Rowing the length of New Zealand’s many great lakes.


WinSome 2016 Success! 

ENDURE Row of Lake Powell

Katie Smith ENDURE – IBD battle

ENDURE Flight – Terry Delore breaking a Gliding World Record

Endure rowKatie Smith ENDUREENDURE Flight


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