Thrive on exploration, fuelled by adventure, embrace opportunities

Co-Pilot your career navigation to explore, discover and develop.

Abbey Delore

Everyone at some point or another experiences having ‘no idea what to do?!’

Now more than ever there is a thirst and desire for a unconventional platform craving from a younger perspective to connect with those college age having ‘FML’, quarter life crisis moments. Bringing a strategic hunt of fresh material of 21st C resources to self invest your career navigation.

We’re for the…

The ‘I don’t know’ & know – ers

dreamers , believers

doubters & go getters

hopeful & ambitious

the ‘wishers’ , the ‘can’t’ – ers

the ‘maybes’ & ‘probably’s’

book smart, street smart

young & old

 All of those seeking to alleviate and adopt a worklife

Life Career Self

An idea that was brewing for many years had a lightbulb ignite while exploring career opportunities in USA being mentored by some suit savvy elite. The light bulbs flickering was creating an opportunity for like minded people going through transitions of having ‘no idea what to do’ or getting through the trenches to find fulfilment.

Self exploring, discovering and developing my skills, interests, passions with access to some credible mentors I created a career navigation platform. For the everyday – college aged to access, work alongside and propel their career.

Hot new research, resources and study towards success, with craving from a fresh younger perspective that speak our lingo. Incorporating a shadowing network to gain first hand experience of career lines. Winsome was launched alongside the ENDURE Row venture to Co-Pilot your career navigation.

I’m not a psychologist – yet can read you like a book

I’m not a coach – yet am your biggest cheer leader.

Unlike others in the industry,

I don’t have 30+ yrs professional experience.

I’ve just been through it, living it, doing it – now. I’m with you.

Fresh, untraditional, venture filled approach you’ll resonate with.

Come kick it.

Abbey GlidingAbbey Delore – Adventurepreneur

Forever Pending

Curiosity with the joy of discovery. Exploring with continuous development

WinSome Consulting