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Thrive on exploration, fuelled by adventure, embrace future prospects

We are…

Life explorers, guiders & mentors

assisting transitions

foresight to embrace the future

Abbey Delore

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We’re for the…

book smart, street smart

the ‘wishers’ , the ‘can’t’ – ers

the ‘maybes’ & ‘probably’s’

the ‘I don’t know’ & know – ers

young & old

dreamers , believers

doubters & go getters

WinSome LoseSome GainSome FindSome

Career , Life , Self

Abbey Delore

I’m not a psychologist – yet can read you like a book

I’m not a coach – yet am your biggest cheer leader.

Unlike others in the industry,

I don’t have 30+ yrs professional experience.

I’ve just done it, living it, doing it – now.

Fresh, untraditional, venture filled, relatable youthful approach

With the most badass non suit-savvy consultants

Come kick it.

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“I have abandoned the resume builder approach to life and reinvented myself as an ‘Adventurepreneur’ – because when you build a life doing something you love, exploring, discovering, capturing life and skills – you end up building a good life resume.”

Abbey Delore – Adventurepreneur

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WinSome LoseSome GainSome FindSome