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Self discovery, development and exploration in a variety of aspects of life.

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For those who have a slice of zest to seek new areas and alleviate their current position.

Motivating individuals to aspire and grow in all life settings.

Fresh, untraditional, venture filled approach for

Young & old

Book smart & street smart

Young GunsSuit Savvy

Life Career Self

“Spending on the future ensures you have one”

– Diane Foreman

NZ’s most successful Entrepreneur


Tapestry for life – Personal Development

Carve your path Find your track

Navigate ahead Map it out

Explore, Self study



Forever Pending

Curiosity with the joy of discovery.

Exploring with continuous development

WinSome Consulting

WinSome LoseSome GainSome FindSome

WinSome LoseSome GainSome FindSome

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